About Us

Who We Are

ROCHAN Signage Solutions Ltd, member of ROCHAN Arabia Holding Ltd. is a leading Architectural Sign Company representing internationally reputed signage manufacturers. We are the exclusive distributor of Modulex Signs Systems in the Kingdom from past three decades. We also import signage materials from leading manufacturers of France, Hong Kong, China and Dubai.  With over 30 years of experience we offer you complete signage systems that respond to your needs from concept to completion.

What We Do

Being the Saudi based company, we better understand the art, culture, tradition and thinking of the people. We prepare our designs, choose colors and appropriate fonts to match the expectations of the end users, maintaining international standards.

All our Signage solutions are based on our deep knowledge of information needs and the end user behavior. Information, wayfinding, leading, and identification: these are our key words. Our commitment is to efficiently guide visitors in unfamiliar surroundings and present the correct information at the right time. We offer signage systems that are flexible and totally interchangeable, making the system simple to update and maintain.

Project Management Expertise

Signage and environmental graphics projects can be complex. And in some organizations (like hospitals, universities) they are critical. It has to be right. Yet, without experience, mistakes happen.

For trouble-free signage and environmental graphics, we use a four-step process that delivers the right solution for each project. Our approach starts with understanding your objectives and ends with a satisfied user.


We start by understanding the scope of the project. We look at many factors to get a complete picture: an organization's operational policy, user groups, building constraints and brand identity.


We work locally to ensure that an organization's employees are consulted, supportive and informed. And we look at wayfinding issues like movement flow and lift/stair analysis and site context.


We design a solution that gets the most out of your budget, meets all local regulations and legislation, and provides a great user experience


We ensure that the signage is implemented precisely as specified and handle all logistics and project management for the client.

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